Surviving Exams

The First Exam The days leading up to the first exam of graduate school will cause a lot more stress than the actual exam itself (hopefully).  For myself, especially, I was worried that the exam formatting would mimic the way most of the San Diego State’s Biology department formatted their exams: impossible and reflecting 0% of … More Surviving Exams

Study Tips

By the time I graduated from undergrad, I thought I had mastered the art of studying.  My time management skills were impeccable – I was a successful Biology major, was able to balance a job, volunteering in clinics, being an active and involved member of my sorority with board positions, conducting research in a lab … More Study Tips


The topic of textbooks being an absolute necessity to ensure success in grad school most likely varies program to program.  For example, I would imagine that in Law School it is definitely necessary to not only own, but to read to succeed in class every day.  However, my experience with text books in PT school … More Textbooks

DPT1 Classes

The best part about (at least in this program) grad school classes, is that the faculty are all in sync with each other, and try to best accommodate and/or compliment each other.  This semester I’m taking: Gross Anatomy (lecture and cadaver lab) – 7 credits Kinesiology and Biomechanics (lecture and lab) – 5 credits Applied … More DPT1 Classes