Coney Island – Luna Park


Once again, I made a mistake and came to Luna Park on Coney Island in the middle of a humid August summer day – I definitely don’t regret the experience though; it was something I wanted to cross off my NYC bucket list and it was enjoyable to learn and see a classic amusement park that wasn’t the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

The individual ride tickets were extremely overpriced, and unless you have small children and plan on spending all day here, going on every ride, it was ridiculous to even think about buying an all-day pass.  My friend, Molica, and I decided to buy $30 worth of tickets which got us on a fair amount of “medium-thrill” rides (the “high-thrill” rides were very expensive).

Overall, I had a great time!  I mean, why wouldn’t you go? – the park is 15 miles away from my apartment but it only costs me $2.75 and a 45 minute subway ride to get there.  I went on a few rides, walked on the beach, tried a Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog (it wasn’t bad!), worked on my tan, and spent quality time with a great friend.  I would definitely recommend if you have small children, want to relax by the ocean, or are seeking a true historical amusement park experience!


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