Grocery Shop NYC

  1. Local Markets – I tend to avoid any kind of local NYC grocery store or market if I can.  Usually prices are hiked up 200%-300%.  The first day I was in NYC i almost bought a $5 Clif Bar #NeverAgain
  2. Trader Joes – I live for Trader Joes.  Not only do I trust the food and produce, their products are at a set sale price and are significantly cheaper than any other option I am faced with.  Rachel and I set aside a couple hours a week to make the trip down to W 72nd St.  The extra time and $5 subway ticket is worth saving hundreds of money on groceries and the quality food
  3. Whole Foods – Yes, Whole Foods is pricey, but I usually only hit this up if its convenient (there are a lot by the usual study spots) and I need to grab a few things.  They are usually always having sales on produce and I feel better knowing that i’m nourishing my body and brain with quality products
  4. Sidewalk Stands – I haven’t experimented with these too much yet as I probably should, but I hardly ever carry cash with me and their frequency has slowed as it is the middle of winter now heh
  5. Farmers Markets – If you can get out and have the time to spare, there are a plethora of quality Farmers Markets in every area of NYC.  My favorites so far include the Union Square Greenmarket and also my local Columbia University Medical Center Tuesday Market (seasonal and out of commission until April or May I believe)

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