Subway 101

A few helpful tips for subway navigation. . .

  • Download the “NYC Subway” App – I love this app because it has a nice colorful representation of all of the subway lines on top of a map of Manhattan.  It also connects with GPS to locate you and will tell you the arrival and departure times of all the trains coming through your station.  The only bad thing about it is that it doesn’t update with closures and construction (which happen quite often).
  • Google Maps – If you enter your destination address into google maps it has an option for navigation using public transportation and is usually pretty helpful at finding the quickest route if you’re on a time crunch
  • Subway Etiquette
    • Try to limit the amount of bulky items (backpacks lol) etc you have especially during rush hour – minimize the amount of dirty looks you will get from strangers, and also to avoid being pushed around as little as possible
    • DON’T EAT – meals, snacks, anything, it’s just really unsanitary to eat anything on the subway
    • Let the everyone coming off the train come off the train first before trying to rush in – I feel like this is an obvious one. . . JUST COMMON COURTESY PEOPLE


P.s. they are still working on the wifi system down there so you’ll be without phone service ~85% of the time.  I recommend downloading a game that doesn’t require wifi, it helps to pass the time.  My favorites include

1. Word brain

2. Block! Hexa

3. 1010!


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