Simple Steps to Moving

Here are a few things I wish someone had told me before moving across the country:

Prior to Move:

  1. UPS: Using UPS ground delivery for all of my stuff was an okay experience.  You really have to pack everything in an organized fashion or else your boxes will arrived crushed and broken.  It cost me ~$300 to ship 10 medium sized boxes.  I would recommend trying to get away with NOT doing this as it is costly and just plain annoying.   The only reason I needed to was because no one was coming with me to help me move and also my parents were cleaning out their entire house (they moved to Hawaii) so I wasn’t able to leave anything at home.
  2. Amazon Delivery: Amazon Prime is probably the single greatest invention of my lifetime (okay probably not but it is pretty great).  I was able to find incomparably priced (but still quality) furniture and get it delivered for free to my door within a couple days of ordering.  If you’re moving across the country and are unable to take your current furniture with you I would HIGHLY recommend amazon, especially for bed frames, desks, desk chairs and drawers – the assembly required is actually like NO assembly required (ridiculously easy).

New York Specific:

  1. Multiple Trips: Although you can get a ton of stuff on Amazon, there are several things that are worth going to TJMaxx or HomeGoods for.  Luckily in NYC they are all clumped together (luckily for me: in stores on the Upper West Side), and so you can get a lot of purchasing done in a few trips.  However, with that being said, you can only carry so much on your person.  And you WILL have to make multiple trips.
  2. Unlimited Weekly Subway Pass: Definitely buy an unlimited week subway pass – it’s about ~$32 and very much worth the money.  Seeing as each subway ride is about ~$3 and with multiple trips to and from downtown, that adds up quickly.
  3. Uber/Lyft: At times, especially with bulky items such as mirrors or laundry baskets etc, going with your roommates or a friend and splitting an Uber is definitely worth it.  Lets be honest, do you want to try and deadlift a giant mirror for a half mile from your nearest subway stop to your apartment? No.


  1. Change Addresses: You might need to update information for: credit cards, bank, any sort of important directory (i.e. for me it was my sororities alumna directory). Also depending on what state you move to: drivers license and/or voter registration



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