Study Tips

img_3324By the time I graduated from undergrad, I thought I had mastered the art of studying.  My time management skills were impeccable – I was a successful Biology major, was able to balance a job, volunteering in clinics, being an active and involved member of my sorority with board positions, conducting research in a lab on campus, and all while maintaining somewhat of a social life.   I thought that the challenge of grad school would be a breeze – I would just have school to worry about and no job or extracurriculars! I would have all the time in the world . . . LOL NOPE.

I had to rethink many of my studying strategies – Instead of being able to spend all the time I want on one subject for a certain amount of lectures, I have to set time limits for each class, each day, in order to make sure that I achieve most of what I want to.  Even so, I find myself still pushing things on my to-do list to the next day.  At some point you just have to accept that you’ll never be able to know EVERYTHING or accomplish everything you need/want to in the time frame you need/want.  The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you can cope with the inevitable anxiety of grad school.

I am not joking when I say that I LITERALLY do not stop studying.  My roommates and I usually don’t start class until 10 am (with a few exceptions), and we wake up at around 6 or 7 am literally every morning so we can fit extra study time in.  The week during our first anatomy exams, I would wake up in the middle of the night reciting origins, insertions, and actions of muscles.  I have always been someone that is able to go to sleep relatively easy and as early as I need/want, but I’ve found that I’ve developed insomnia.  Yep, it WILL (probably) happen to you.  Some strategies I am trying to use to cope with this so far is meditation.  Yep you read that correctly, I, Liz, am learning to MEDITATE.  I’ve tried headspace but don’t like it too much; I do, however, like the Honest Guys on Spotify, so definitely check that out.  I’ve also been reading a chapter a night on my iPad before bed.  I’m currently reading Amy Schumer’s book: The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo.  I HIGHLY recommend – it is HILARIOUS and it helps me get my mind off of school before bed (aka bring down my anxiety).  Hope this helped (aka didn’t scare you too much YIKES – remember that I am surviving and you will too)

xoxo – E



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