DPT1 Classes

The best part about (at least in this program) grad school classes, is that the faculty are all in sync with each other, and try to best accommodate and/or compliment each other.  This semester I’m taking:

  1. Gross Anatomy (lecture and cadaver lab) – 7 credits
  2. Kinesiology and Biomechanics (lecture and lab) – 5 credits
  3. Applied Physiology – 2 credits
  4. Professional Leadership and Practice – 2 credits
  5. Examination and Evaluation (lecture and lab) – 3 credits
  6. Evidence Based Practice – 2 credits

This may sound like A LOT – it did to me when I first saw my schedule – but contrary to popular belief, it IS manageable, given that you study the majority of time you’re not in class or lab.  Most of our classmates and I make it a point time to set time aside for exercising (I workout 4-6 times a week – another post on this later), family time (My family isn’t here but many of my friends have families and spouses), various hobbies, etc.  My roommate and I try to make sure that we get out of The Heights (Washington Heights) at least once or twice a week, whether its to make our weekly run to Trader Joes down on 72nd street, go on a walk by the Hudson River, or make our way downtown to find new coffee shops to study at (our current favorite is Bibble and Sip, they have LAVENDER LATTES).

ANYWAY, back to the point – the professors are AMAZING, and realize that this first semester/year is a huge transition.  They coordinate with each other and follow the material that we are on in each of our other classes.  For example, in Gross Anatomy our first unit included the Upper Torso, Neck, and Upper Limb Region – So, in K&B and E&E, we learned the respective material for the general upper limb region at the same time.  It is still a lot of material but it really helps to put all the information together to see the bigger picture.

While the professors are extremely accommodating and do their absolute best to make the transition as smooth as possible for us, I will say it still takes A LOT of self motivation to succeed.  I have never studied so hard in my entire life, and if you knew me in undergrad, you knew that my time management skills and study habits were pretty decent.  With that being said, it is doable! They wouldn’t make a program that wasn’t.   A lot of us struggle sometimes, wondering if I’ll be able to handle it.  Some amazing advice a few second and third years have given us that has helped me and is definitely applicable to everyone out there that sometimes struggles through the mental fatigue of graduate school is this:

You were hand-picked to be in ___ Class of ___ and you belong here/there.  The professors wouldn’t have picked you if they didn’t believe that you would succeed.

Sometimes you just gotta keep up the motivation (maybe watch an inspirational coaching video or two on YouTube LOL).  I know personally, my roommates and I have lost touch with reality, and you will probably too!  Always keep in mind the end goal: NOT HATING (actually loving) OUR CAREERS AND ALSO FUTURE LIVES.


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